About IPRF
TheĀ International Pediatric Research Foundation Inc.Ā is a non-profit organization created to ensure the fiscal management of the journal,Ā Pediatric Research.

International Pediatric Research Foundation – 2017 Board of Trustees

Clifford W. Bogue, President Kate Ackerman Gary Freed
Topun Austin, Treasurer Tine Brink Henriksen Norman D. Rosenblum
Ursula Felderhoff-MĆ¼ser Luc Zimmermann


Mission Statement
Providing strategic oversight to maximize the impact and reach of our Societiesā€™ journal, Pediatric Research
Editorial Board
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Please send questions aboutĀ Pediatric Research
to atĀ info@pedres.org

Pediatric Research
Pediatric Academic Societies Group – Central Office
9303 New Trails Drive, Suite 350
The Woodlands, TX 77381
Phone / Fax : +1.832.685.4421